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office 005Vitalistic Chiropractic $89/housecall

Get adjusted and let the power that made the body heal the body. It’s that simple!  For our family of patients, miracles happen every day; some are small (being able to walk from the front door to the mailbox) and some are huge (like a baby diagnosed with cerebral palsy regaining full neurological function after three adjustments). Are you ready to have yours today?

*Dr. Krupa utilizes a variety of chiropractic techniques to address delicate spines of newborns, special needs of pregnant Mamas or gentle care for elderly and those with chronic health conditions. She is also experienced in care of auto accidents or work related injuries.                                                                                             

Nutritional Support $89/hour

You are what you eat. Poor nutrition can cause inflammation in your joints and spine, allergies, lowered immunity—even depression. So, let’s figure out how you can start taking better care of your body with nutrition. You set the pace: Do you want to make small changes over time? Or are you ready for a lifestyle overhaul? Dr. Krupa meets you where you are and together we create a personalized plan for you.

*Dr. Krupa is certified in Bionutritional Care with the Hope for Autism Organization and offers nutritional testing with the Great Plains Laboratory.

Intuitive Wellness $169/session

Deep down inside—you know. You know what is going on with your body, you know the solution to your health concerns, you know what works best for you.  Let Dr. Krupa tune in with you to the deepest, most powerful and accurate resource for growth and healing you have: your intuition.  A session is enough to change your life!

*Dr. Krupa can work with individuals as well as family members and groups.


Add-Ons ($20)

  • Raindrop Technique
  • Massage
  • Cupping
  • Postnatal Belly Binding
  • Infant Massage
  • Flower essence or homeopathic consultation


Special Care Packages (…or create your own)

*Welcome Baby: chiropractic checkup for Mom and Baby, infant massage and homeopathic remedy or flower essence to integrate the birth experience. $169

*New Mama: chiropractic adjustmet, customized Raindrop Technique with essential oils and belly binding. $149

*Stress Relief: chiropractic adjustment, nutritional consultation, homeopathic remedy or flower essence consultation. $149

*Immune Booster: chiropractic adjustment, Raindrop Technique, nutritional support. $149

*Family Tune Up: chiropractic adjustments for up to 3 family members; each additional family member $20. $99

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