Healthy Moms, Healthy Families Project


“The Healthy Moms, Healthy Families Project” comes from this deep desire to empower myself. I know now that Moms deserve to be healthy, wealthy and have their voices be heard!

In 2013, I was in desperate need to take a brake and nurture myself. I burned out running my chiropractic practice while having my babies, Kaya and Sage. My partner and I went to a Shaklee meeting for one of his BNI members. I was instantly impressed with the quality and science behind the products. I thought, “Why haven’t I heard about this company before?” Dr. Shaklee was a Chiropractor–that was inspiring to me.

I ordered the Vitalizing Plan so I could have an easy breakfast and some basic nutrition, the Vitalizer; I didn’t think my multivitamin (though labeled ‘organic’, all natural, with a 30 day guarantee) was doing much for this sleep deprived, exhausted Mama! 

To my surprise and delight, three weeks later my 15 lb of baby weight and two dress sizes came off! I took a second look at the shakes and finally understood ‘how” that happened–the leucine, a natural amino acid, that helps to burn fat. I still had Mommy brain so I forgot how it all worked when I bought it!

Fast forward two months, surgery and a hard look at where I was, I decided to invest in the business to create sustainability in my life. I deserved it. My kids deserved it.

Just take a look at these two! My loves. My reasons “Why.”

My journey to Motherhood showed me that I needed the flexibility and support so I can be a conscious Mom. I want women to know that it is possible to create a rewarding career from the comfort of home. Shaklee became my partner because it has a long legacy of creating products that work and it rewards me for empowering others.
Here are a few powerful stories of women on my team who have done it! Listen here…

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