Top 3 (Sneaky) Ways To Help Your Kids Take Their Vitamins and Supplements


So, you bought ’em. And, now they won’t eat ’em. Don’t worry there are ways to help your kids take their vitamins and supplements. First things, first, though: what is safe and effective in this unregulated industry? Can the company from which you get your kids’ vitamins answer these questions? If not, I’d love to introduce you to the Shaklee Difference. Cuz, there is some crazy shit out there…

Now that you know better, here are some creative ways to feed them the ‘good stuff’:

  1. GET CHEWABLES. If your kids have a hard time swallowing their multivitamin, get chewables such as Shaklee’s Incredivites. They are sweetened with Xylitol which doesn’t promote tooth decay. Another important chewable is Calcium/Magnesium. My kiddos take it after brushing at night to strengthen their teeth’s enamel; the Magnesium helps them relax and sleep.

2. CRUSH AND MIX WITH FAVORITE FOODS. Incredivites do taste really good!  However, I’ve known some little buggers that still fuss about taking them. Try crushing and mixing the tablets into your child’s favorite foods: ice cream, pudding, apple sauce, strong tasting juice such as grape. Sage, my toddler, is extremely fussy, so I put Alfalfa (nature’s natural antihistamine) in coconut chocolate ice cream–she gobbles it up! This fashionista in the making definitely has a particular taste…in everything!

2016-01-22 16.20.39

Kids really need their omega-3’s for optimal brain and neurodevelopment, but good luck with that fishy taste! Mighty Smarts have a pleasant ‘orange-ey’ taste and a chewy texture. If your kid still resists, crush the chewable and mix it with their favorite nut butter, spread over crackers, bread, apples or in between banana slices, and sprinkle with cinnamon. For some kids, it’s all about the texture!

3. SMOOTHIES. A great way to sneak nutrients is in smoothies. Kids usually love them and you have so many choices of flavors! I make them for breakfast–so important for kids– and, in the mayhem called morning routine, giving my kiddos something easy and super-nutritious keeps me sane. It’s fast food you can feel great about!

Shaklee Life Energizing Shake  is a delicious meal shake for the whole family:  it contains 24 grams of non-GMO protein; 1 billion CFUs of patented probiotics; omega-3’s plus some vitamins and minerals.  I sneak extra nutrients in there such as Citriboost, a powdered multivitamin-mineral-plus-probiotic formula; especially if we’re coming down with something.

Kaya’s tip for taking it in orange juice is to close her nose. “It helps me not taste it” she says.

When you need that extra ‘boost’

There is hope. Don’t give up! And, I always say, “If this was a life saving medicine, you’d figure out how to make sure they got it.” Same with quality nutrients. I have leverage with Kaya, my oldest:  play time, the tablet, sleepovers, the latest toy…Mama’s gotta do, what Mama’s gotta do, right?

Hope this was helpful. If you have a creative way to give your kid their supplements, please  share it with us!












5 thoughts on “Top 3 (Sneaky) Ways To Help Your Kids Take Their Vitamins and Supplements

  1. Thank you for the tips. Especially the alfalfa idea in chocolate coconut ice cream. Gonna try it and hope it works. I tried it in coconut yogurt and the taste wasn’t hidden so I know it won’t work for my daughter’s.

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